2016 is a transition year for AIPJ. For information on 2011-2015 programs, please click 'Completed Programs' button

The Asia Foundation (TAF) will continue to progress work on prison reform in 2016. A strong partnership between CSOs, led by The Asia Foundation, and Directorate General Corrections (DGC) resulted in to the development of a prison reform blueprint in 2009. In line with this blueprint, significant reforms have been achieved in prison management, prisoner treatment and access to legal representation. It is timely for DGC to review and update the blueprint to reflect current priorities and emerging issue, in particular in relationship to the management of high-risk inmates.

The severe problem of over-crowding in Indonesian prisons continues to present management and security challenges.  The Program will focus on improving the prison data management system (SDP), as the backbone of corrections business processes, and continue to be responsive to DGC requests for assistance on prison reform management and security issues.