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Private sector engaged in access to justice for the poor
In a move to expand legal aid services to the poor, LBH Jakarta initiated a ...Read more

Educating voters on the rights and civic duties of people with disabilities
To prepare the participation of people with disabilities in Indonesias upcoming presidential election in April ...Read more

Honoring Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus & Indonesian NGO Leader Nani Zulminarni
New York, 18 June. Today in New York at the annual Lotus Leadership Awards, hosted ...Read more

Legal Aid Delivers Justice in Indonesia
Millions of poor and marginalized Indonesians live without the full protection of the law. Securing ...Read more

MaPPI: Fiat Justitia Vol. 1 No. 4/Nov 2013
Fiat Justitia merupakan buletin yang ...Read more

PSHK: Law Reform Weeky Digest edition 33/Sept 2013
The selection process of public

PSHK: Lawmotion #9 - 15 Tahun Reformasi Hukum
read more

PSHK: Lawmotion#2 - Pemberian Bantuan Hukum Cuma-cuma
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